Residential Division

Bettencourt’s residential division adds on to single-family homes to create more room for the family that is growing.  This could be a family room, extra bedrooms, a new master suite, or updating kitchens to become modern and functional or updating bathrooms to create a more modern look and be more energy efficient with low water consumption fixtures.

When it’s time to update a home by remodeling a kitchen or bathroom or by adding more space with a room addition, homeowners usually need help and good advice to work through the process.  Homeowners have questions like, “Should we improve our existing home or consider moving into a new place?”  “Does it make sense to invest more money in our present home?”  “Will improving give us the comfort, functionality, enjoyment and overall results we are looking for?”

All homeowners have these same questions and concerns.  So logically, the process begins with an initial meeting between the homeowner and the experienced building contractor.  This first session is a get acquainted time to discuss the homeowner’s project, answer questions, evaluate the homeowner’s needs and ideas and determine a realistic budget, as well as the practicality of building the project.  After taking extensive notes and measurements, Bettencourt will schedule a second appointment and return to the office to work up the materials list and labor costs to prepare the estimate.

During the second meeting, Bettencourt will go over the estimate with the homeowners, reviewing the costs of building the project, make suggestions and answer any questions.  After discussing the estimate in detail, sometimes it becomes necessary to make adjustments in the plans or rework the estimate for budgetary reasons.  The important consideration is to avoid rushing ahead with the wrong plan, but taking the necessary time to plan and properly design a quality project for the homeowners.  Good planning pays off big by working out the right design to fit a family’s needs and expectations, plus their pocketbook too.

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